Our Partnership Structure


It is a partnership of Buta Yapı Industry Limited Company and Gülyapısan Construction Industry Trade Inc.

Years of experience met at a single point ...

BGS Gül yapı, inşaat sektöründe ince sıva, karasıva, alçıpan, alçısıva  NEST BUTA YAPI



Since 1986...

Founded by Mehmet GÜL, the company started to provide services to the construction industry with contracting works during its establishment. Along with globalization, it has turned towards contracting and prestigious project applications as well as contracting works and has taken a major step towards institutionalization. Based on human life, Gülyapısan Construction Industry and Trade Inc.'s goal is to build safe, modern and aesthetic structures that are addressed to each income group, whose infrastructure is resolved, integrated with nature.

Founded with Cemalettin KIRATLI and a foreign private fund partnership, BUTA YAPI has been operating in the construction sector with its experienced teams in the fields of contracting, housing and workplace. BUTA YAPI, together with its experienced law, architecture, environmental-engineering and accounting team, brings new business development projects to the sector that comply with the Urban Transformation laws.

Who is NEST?

About us


Since the establishment of BGS NEST LIFE, our company has been aiming to provide a new “Home (NEST)” to our people; With the disciplined, Honest, Accurate and Hardworking team, the high-level projects where security, comfort and aesthetics, where architecture, engineering and quality stand out, and where the environment and nature are protected, reveal the needs of our people in the hottest projects.

Our Mission


BGS NEST LIFE, with its experienced staff in the sector, develops new living spaces with high architectural and investment value on the theme of "YUVA (NEST)".


We are in an effort to offer modern and new living spaces to our people with our understanding and seriousness we give to work.


We do not only see the needs of our customers as homeowners as an engineering job, but we create permanent new living spaces that add aesthetics, quality and harmony to the environment and the city with the warm “NEST” theme.



Our Vision


By continuing to produce world-class buildings with projects where the quality of BGS NEST LIFE is always high,


Combining architecture and aesthetics with respect to our customers, employees and our environment,


Our main vision is to make its brand an international leading brand and to be an example to our industry at all times.



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