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Buta Yapı industry Limited company and

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Experience in urban transformation ...


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NEST BUTA YAPI BGS Gül yapısan, inşaat sektöründe ince sıva, karasıva, alçıpan, alçısıva 

Years of experience met at a single point ...



Since 1986...

Founded by Mehmet GÜL, the company started to provide services to the construction industry with contracting works during its establishment. Along with globalization, it has turned towards contracting and prestigious project applications as well as contracting works and has taken a major step towards institutionalization. Based on human life, Gülyapısan Construction Industry and Trade Inc.'s goal is to build safe, modern and aesthetic structures that are addressed to each income group, whose infrastructure is resolved, integrated with nature.

Founded with Cemalettin KIRATLI and a foreign private fund partnership, BUTA YAPI has been operating in the construction sector with its experienced teams in the fields of contracting, housing and workplace. BUTA YAPI, together with its experienced law, architecture, environmental-engineering and accounting team, brings new business development projects to the sector that comply with the Urban Transformation laws.



Some of our works


Our Projects


As BGS Nest Yaşam, we are here with our projects for 2016-2017.

Nest Dragos and Nest Cengelkoy

We are aware of the importance of sports for healthy life and we create areas where you can live healthy.

We tried to create areas where you can do sports!


In NEST DRAGOS, sports fields and gyms are prepared in a style that will meet your expectations.

DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor

Indoor and outdoor sports areas suitable for your style are now in your home.

Party / Karaoke Room

Guest room

Meeting room

Bicycle Park

Electric Vehicle Parking

Social living areas Fitness-Pool-Cafe-Tennis Court-Basketball Court, Playground

And more...

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Cevizli Mahallesi Sultanlar Çıkmazı Sokak  Nest Dragos  A Blok Apt No:1A Maltepe / İSTANBUL

+90 216 688 0707





BGS NEST LIFE Our company, which has been aiming to provide a new “NEST” to our people since its establishment; With the disciplined, Honest, Truth and Hardworking team, our people's needs are revealed in the hottest projects, with high-level projects where security, comfort, quality and aesthetics combine architecture, engineering and quality, and where greenness is preserved.



Nest develops new living spaces with high architectural and investment value on the theme of "HOME".


BGS Nest is in an effort to offer modern and new living spaces to our people with our understanding of life and the seriousness we give to work...



Our main vision is to make Nest Life Brand an international leading brand and to be an example to our city at all times.


BGS NEST is seeking new life…

Modern and minimal design

About our new project  "NEST DRAGOS"

We want more

free spaces



Designing areas where you will have happy moments…


While designing areas where you will have happy moments, we thought of all the details as BGS Nest Life.

"Right Location" and "Advantageous Price" in one.


Our goal is to eliminate the difficulties of living in a metropolitan city. The first priority in our architectural projects designed for residents is location. Being aware of the fact that one of the most important factors of transforming it completely into advantage, we take care to build the buildings at extremely close distances to the social centers. One of the most important differences of BGS NEST LIFE aims to reflect this advantage to the consumer as a minimum. BGS NEST LIFE proudly presents its new project, NEST DRAGOS, prepared with this awareness.

Close to shopping center



NEST DRAGOS is far from the chaos of Istanbul but close to social places.

7 km from Bagdat Street

Maltape Park AVM 500 m

Optimum Outlet and Entertainment Center 12 km

Pendik MarinTurk 21 Km

500 m

Easy access


We prioritize the ease of transportation in the houses we build. One of them is NEST DRAGOS!


of course fun

We have not forgotten!


Your Home; the most important place where you can throw the stress and fatigue of the day with your family. We have sought ways to make your home more fun.

Film is starting!

If you are one of those who say that watching a movie at home is not like in a cinema…


NEST DRAGOS brings the cinema atmosphere to your feet.

BGS NEST LIFE takes your living space one step further and have fun; He wants it to be an indispensable part of your home where you spend most of your life.


That's why playstation and movie theater are just a few of the relaxation areas in your living space.

Let's have fun…






for your comfort

BGS NEST Life  is for you

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DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor
DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor
DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor
DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor
DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor
DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor
DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor
DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor
BGS NEST facebook
BGS NEST instagram
DRAGOS VE ÇENGELKÖY SPOR salonunu ayağınıza getiriyor